Lets play Yeld!

The Magical Land of Yeld (we just call it Yeld for short) is an all ages multi-session game focusing on adventure, hero building and shared storytelling. Like the classic console games we love, adventures in Yeld are designed to allow you to explore colorful and strange lands, seek out secret dungeons and temples and challenge powerful boss monsters as your characters grow to unlock new skills and discover more powerful weapons and treasure.

Get your adventures in Yeld started with the Mermaid Hunters starter set!

Creating Characters: Our characters start as normal children, called Friends. Each Friend is between the age of 7 and 12, and each Friend Type (like Liar, Know it all or Brat) has a different set of capabilities and personality traits. Once we start to explore Yeld we’ll get to take on Heroic Jobs like Witch, Soul Thief and Oathbreaker. These Jobs will give us powerful abilities that allow us to face down dangerous monsters and take on difficult adventures. As we explore Yeld, we may decide to switch Jobs, taking some of what we learned from our last Job to our new Job. We may even go on special quests to learn powerful Advanced Jobs like Vampire Hunter and Drudge Angel! Or we may be doomed to take on Monster Jobs like Deep Mage and Serpent Oracle!

Building Adventures: Our adventures in Yeld are a story that we create and tell together. In each session of Yeld the Game Master will guide players through a story. If you’ve played an rpg before you know how this works. But once the session ends the role of GM will pass to a new player. We’ll tell that new player what we’d like to see in our next session (More sword fights! Explore the Ogre Caves! Learn to cook Snake Cakes!) and the new GM will build a new adventure for us to play, using our suggestions to continue the story where the last GM left off. Each session we’ll take turns playing the role of GM, making sure each player gets a turn. Our goal will be to work together to tell a story that we’ve all had a hand in creating, and we’ll discover that our adventures are more fun and more challenging because they’re stories we’ve created together. 

Fights: You may have noticed that adventures in Yeld sound a little bit like video games like Final Fantasy or Legend of Zelda. Fights in Yeld take inspiration from classic fantasy video games to provide deep turn based, team based action! In Yeld we’ll win fights with teamwork, and every character will get a chance to shine!

A Magical Land: Yeld is full of strange magic, and the Friends will be able to learn spells and use magical items as they explore and take on Heroic Jobs. But even the simplest spells can dangerously backfire, resulting in absolute havoc! A poor dice roll can turn a friend into a goat, create a magical snow storm or turn your pants into a carnivorous monster!

Travel and time: Time and distance are important in Yeld. As we travel we’ll create a map that will show us where we’ve been and help us keep track of every town, cave and castle we discover. Traveling takes time, so we’ll mark off each day on our Calendar. Yeld is full of special Holidays like the Blue Wind Kite Flying Festival and Black Opera Tournament, and if we arrive in the right town in time for these Holidays we can participate in special events to gain unique or rare rewards! We may have arrived in Yeld as children, but each day we get older, and if we turn 13 while we’re still in Yeld we’ll become a monster! We’ll be forced to take on a Monster Job (like Vampire or Deep Mage) and be stuck in Yeld forever! Our time in Yeld is a race against the clock to see if we can return home before we become monsters! 

Speaking of Monsters… Yeld is full of strange and creepy creatures. Not everything you meet in Yeld wants to eat you (there are some very nice Medusas!), but Vampires, Fairy Soldiers, Mermaid thieves, Toothfacers, Tunnel Mummies, Serpent Oracles, Scuba Snakes and all kinds of horrible stuff are lurking around every corner and in every cave, and their favorite prey is young Heros! The Yeld rule book and expansions come with a bunch of neat monsters for you to choose from, so you’ll be able to fill your fights with all kinds of fun challenges. You can also build your own Monsters with our Monster Formula!

Theres lots more to learn about Yeld! Check out the Yeld rulebook to learn all about teaming up with Friends for Action Chains, unlocking Heroic Jobs, collecting Exotic and Legendary stuff and facing the Hunters of Yeld!