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Better/Best Unlocks  


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10/12/2020 2:33 am  

There are two conditions given in the rulebook for when monster can access better/best title and dice - when the adventure Rank increases to 2/4, or when they have the dangerous/deadly/miniboss/boss titles.

Do both these requirements have to be met to access the better/best titles, or just one?

For example, a Rank 1 miniboss, can they have a Better title because they're a miniboss? Or not because the game is not yet Rank 2?

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10/12/2020 2:55 am  

(I answered this over on our Discord as well)

Thanks for asking!

Our original intent was that that Better and Best Titles unlock for Monsters starting at Rank 2. However, this got lost somewhere in our final draft, and the entry for Dangerous, Deadly and Boss titles suggests that Better and Best Titles (and Special dice) are available right away.

Since the game has launched we've tried it both ways, and we've had feedback from players. We think that its generally fine to use Better and Best Titles and Special dice starting at Rank 1. However, we strongly urge Game Masters to build their Monsters with the players in mind. Yeld is a hard game to universally balance, since some groups of Friends, Jobs, Weapons and Special dice are more powerful than others, and some players are better at working together and building combos. So if you want to include options that you think may be powerful we suggest considering what your groups is actually capable of and proceeding with caution!

Players here who have used Better and Best Titles may have other feedback for you.

- Jake

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