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[Sticky] How to use Looking for Group (LFG)!

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Hi everyone. Welcome to the Yeld Looking for Group forum! 

We've set up this forum to help Yeld players connect with each other. Use this forum to find other players for local games, online games using forums, discord or more or games at conventions and other gaming meetups! Start by making an account!

Here's how to use this forum:

Looking for other players? If you're looking for someone to play Yeld with go ahead and start a new Topic in the LFG section! Something like "Portland based player looking for 3 other to play with". Important details to include are:
- Say a little about yourself!
- Let players know if you want to play in person or online.
- If you want to play in person, tell players what town you live in. If you want to play online, list your platform (forums, Discord, etc).


Let me introduce myself! Let other players find you! Start a new Topic in the LFG section thats all about you so that other players can see it and invite you to their games! Important details to include are:

- Your name and some details about yourself. whatever you're comfortable sharing!
- Tell players if want to play online or in person (and if you want to play in person, tell players where you live).
- Tell players what kind of online platforms you prefer to use (forums, discord, etc).

- You can also post details about your Yeld character if you already have one!

The purpose of this forum is to let Yeld players across the world meet each other and find people to play with. please remember to be polite and kind! And have fun!


- Jake

Be kind