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Mermaid Hunters  


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16/09/2019 1:39 am  

Really sorry to hear that Mermaid Hunters didn't get up on Kickstarter.  As a system & world, Yeld looks like it has lots of potential, but it really needs an intro adventure (or even better an intro campaign) to help new players find their feet.  I'm pretty experienced at RPGs but struggled to get both the story & mechanics right when we tried our first session.  I couldn't get enough wonder in the story, and the combat mechanics felt a little flat.

I do find it odd that the core rules contain 9 capstone adventures (which look really well thought out) but no starter adventure.

Still keen to get my hands on Mermaid Hunters or equivalent, when you figure out how to pull it off financially.

PS: both my teenage daughter & I am enjoying Modest Medusa and the depth of story and world building you put into it.  The idea of role-playing in that world is very appealing - just need something to bridge the significant gap between your talent and ours. 🙂

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16/09/2019 11:39 pm  

We had planned for Mermaid Hunters to fill that exact gap. It still will, just only as a digital product. We also plan to have some other examples on soon to show how to get started in Yeld.

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