About Yeld!

Through the door! The first Adventure starts with the Friends discovering the magical door that connects our world to the land of Yeld. How do the Friends find the door? That’s up to the Game Master to decide (although the rest of us can make suggestions!). Maybe the door is located in a spooky old abandoned school that the Friends like to sneak into? Maybe the door is hidden deep in the woods at the edge of town? Or maybe one of the Friends, the new kid in town, discovers the door in the basement of the old house he just moved into!

Once the door is discovered the Friends will step into the magical realm of Yeld for the first time. The strange door leads to an empty field full of tall grass and surrounded by deep forest (or a snowy mountainside? Or a deep, dark cave? It’s up to you). The magical door stands open behind the Friends, a clear path home.

Discovering Yeld Once the Friends discover the strange new land that lies on the other side of the door they’ll probably spend a few Adventures exploring their new world and uncovering some of its secrets! Because they can travel back and forth through the door the Friends can come and go from Yeld as they please. In these early Adventures the Friends will face their first Monsters and uncover their first Treasure. During these Adventures the Friends are dealing with trouble at home as well! Sneaking off to Yeld is hard work, and keeping the door secret from their parents, friends and neighbors is a real chore! Maybe bits of Yeld follow the Friends home through the door!

Exploring Yeld Eventually the Friends will wander far enough into Yeld to discover nearby towns, monster forts and ruins and meet some of the inhabitants of the magical land. The early monsters the Friends meet won’t be too dangerous, and a few may even be friendly! The townsfolk are hearty and kind people who have lived under the shadow of the Vampire Prince for centuries. The townsfolk are confused by the Friends strange appearance but welcome them into their community and are happy to trade knives, clubs and other simple weapons for items or coins that the Friends bring through the Door. During this time the Friends will start to learn a little about Yeld. They’ll hear about the Vampire Prince that rules the land, and maybe get their first glimpse of a Fairy soldier or a Storm Mountain renegade! They’ll also meet the Mentor that will eventually give them their Heroic Jobs.

Trapped! After their first truly challenging adventure the Friends head back to the magical door to return to their own world. But the door is shut and will not open! The Friends are trapped in Yeld!

The Mentor (a town elder, local Goblin Trader, sympathetic Fairy Soldier, Wolf Chief or some other friendly adult the Friends have met) considers the Friends plight and offers them a plan. Legend says that magical keys can be found in seven hidden temples spread throughout Yeld. With these keys the Friends can open the magical door and return to their own world! But Dragul’s most trusted lieutenants, the dreaded Hunters of Yeld, protect the temples and guard the keys. The Friends will have to challenge each Hunter in order to win the keys and unlock the door home!

The Mentor can not go with the Friends on their quest, but neither can he send them unaided! The Mentor calls the Friends together to perform a ceremony where each Friend is given a Heroic Job. The Friends are now Heroes of Yeld (or at least heroes in training)! The Mentor gives the Friends weapons, armor and spell books before sending them on their dangerous quest!

Traveling Yeld As they travel Yeld the Friends will meet the strange people of the magical land and discover clues to help them on their quest. The friendly towns scattered throughout Yeld will always welcome the Friends, and they can find allies in the Storm Mountain rebels and Oathbreakers that fight Dragul’s armies from secret hidden bases. The Friends can set off in search of the Hunters of Yeld right away, or can spend time exploring Yeld, gathering treasure and learning how to be heroes.

The Hunters of Yeld The legendary Hunters of Yeld are the chief lieutenants of Dragul, and each is charged with ruling and protecting a part of the Vampire Prince’s vast realm. To find the Hunters the Friends must search out the hidden temples and mysterious fortresses where they reside and challenge them. Like the Boss Monsters in any good video game, each Hunter offers the Friends a unique challenge (and powerful rewards). Only once all 7 Hunters are defeated and their keys are in the Friend’s hands will they be able to find their way home. See the Monster Guide for more info on the Hunters of Yeld!

The Vampire Prince Dragul The Vampire Prince Dragul sits on the great ebony throne in his fortress in the heart of Yeld. As the first and most powerful of all vampires, Dragul rules the vast lands of Yeld and holds the loyalty of the Hunters of Yeld. The Friends may have to face Dragul before they can find their way home!

Going Home Once all seven magical keys have been collected the path home will be revealed to the Friends. Will they return through the magical door that first led them to Yeld? Or will they choose to stay in Yeld and continue their adventures?

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