Welcome a new member of the Yeld creative staff!

Hi everyone. We have a small announcement! Starting this month Nick and I are welcoming Arcin/Maia to the Yeld creative team. She’ll be taking over the Monster of the Month project on teh Yeld Patreon for us to help lighten our work load. Her job will be to select a new prompt each month and present it to our community, and write the eventual post announcing the winner. Nick and I will still be involved in choosing the winner, and I’ll still be doing the art. This job involves some creative writing and rules design, so we were happy to bring Maia on for it.

You may know Maia as an active member of our Discord community, the GM of the YeldPlay! podcast and part of the Yeld promotions team. So she’s not really a new member of the Yeld staff at all! We’re looking forward to seeing what she comes up with every month (and to not having to do that work ourselves!)