Yeldplay! A new actual play podcast!

We’re happy to announce Yeldplay!, an ongoing Yeld TTRPG actual play podcast. Listen to the first episode here! The podcast is run by Emmavoid and Arcin, who have been handling the Yeld twitter for a few years now. ┬áHere’s what they have to say:

“We, the social media people at The Magical Land of Yeld have a special long coming announcement for you all. Mainly the publication of our Yeldplay podcast! allowing for those interested in the game to see what playing the game is like! We will be releasing episodes on a bi weekly schedule and episode one will be released TOMORROW at Noon EST (9 am PST) with our first 1ish hour episode “A Door Where Doors Should Be.”

Our cast includes Myself (Maia de Laria) as Zoey (3rd to the right with the nunchucks) @emmavoid (Emma Quartz) as Avery (2nd to the right in the pink hat) @Asa (Asa Sumida) as Nao (first on the left with a plastic knife) And our friend not on this Discord, Alexis as Maria

You can grab our episodes here at or at various places podcasts are published including Spotify Amazon Music Samsung Podchaser JioSaavn Deezer Apple OIdcasts iHeartRadio Google Podcasts AND Stitcher!  So hello to you all and welcome to our new ongoing project.

Art, of course, by the amazing @jake.

And finally, credit to @Wynnie Freeze (she/they) who created the song “The Door Is Open” which will be featured in tomorrow’s episode. Thank you so much for keeping this secret for so long Wynnie and thank you especially for letting us use your beautiful music.

Other music featured includes Intro: “For Everyone You’ve Ever” from “touched or been touched by” by Twinkle Park- and  Outro: “Something To Hold On To” from “As Much As I Forget” by Twinkle Park- Thanks for reading. It’s going to be a wild ride.”

The first episode is available today! Check it out here!