New on the Yeld Patreon!

We’ve been releasing new monthly content on Yeld’s Patreon. You can become a monthly Patreon subscriber starting at $3! Check out just a little of what you’ve missed!

Study monsters as a Monsterologist! This brand new Advanced Job rewards careful study and preparation. As a Monsterologist you’ll travel Yeld and learn from it’s Monsters in order to protect your friends. If you enjoy fieldwork, careful study and collecting information about Monsters this Advanced Job is for you!

Growing up a Monster: A preview of our upcoming 2nd Core Rulebook! Check out new Mastery rules for the Vampire Monster Job, including 4 new Vampire Job abilities and new Special dice you can use in your games today!

Born to Battle! Martial arts comes to Yeld with a brand new set of Special dice that any Friend can invest in. This mini-expansion also includes a brand new Mentor, a new Quest and new Treasure!

Black Opera! Yeld’s annual fighting tournament determines the most powerful warrior in the Magical Land! Run your own PVP event with special rules and prizes!

Traps! A preview of our upcoming 2nd Core Rulebook! Introducing traps, a new type of deadly weapon. This mini-expansion includes all the rules for using Traps in your games, plus a selection of new Traps to purchase and Special dice to collect!

The Black Casket: A brand new Monster Job! As a Ghost bound to powerful magical armor the Black Casket is a lumbering but nearly unstoppable force. Check out the rules for this Monster Job, including brand new Special dice!

Monster-of-the Month: Each month we present Yeld patrons with a prompt to create a brand new Monster (or sometimes a Weapon, location, Food item or even a Job). We choose our favorite each month, create art to go with it and publish it so all Yeld fans can enjoy it!