Discover the origins of White Magic with the White Mage Job Guide!


Learn the tragic history of the Magical Land’s youngest but most revered Heroic Job, and uncover what the founders of White Magic sacrificed to bring a new kind of magic into Yeld! Our biggest Job Guide yet!


In the White Mage Job Guide you’ll find:

– New background and art detailing the history of White Mages and their vital role as allies of the Princess during the Oathbreaker Rebellion.

– Advice for different White Mage Job builds and tactics for fights, including the Undead battling Grave Smasher, the

– A huge selection of new spells, including 10 new (White Mage) spells and 5 new (Raw White) spells.

– Several classic (White Mage) spells have been revised. Improved stats for the classic (Call) spells make your Called Monsters more powerful than ever!

– Meet Marnie Fox, a traveling doctor ready to become your Heroic Mentor and help you master healing!

– New Job Specific Special dice that give White Mages new options!

– New Exotic Treasure to collect, including new Clubs and Staffs!

– A Witch Hunter Mastery Quest, complete with powerful new rewards!