Master the right to fire with the Witch Hunter Job Guide!

The Witch Hunter Job Guide is a new expansion for The Magical Land of Yeld, with everything you’ll need to commit yourself to Yeld’s most notorious Heroic Job. In this guide you’ll discover the history of the Old Kings and the secrets that were passed down to them from Yeld’s last Dragons. Learn about the crusades against the ancient and terrifying weapons of mass destruction that were Yeld’s Witches, and the equally destructive wars against the rogue Black Mages. Magic is a nessacity of life in Yeld, but it is a power that always corrupts. The Witch Hunter stand ready to face that power, even if they fear they can never be its equal. 


We’ve collected all the Witch Hunter specific content from the Yeld rulebook and reprinted it here, along with a selection of new Job Abilities, new Special Dice and new Treasures for you to collect! You’ll also find a brand new Mentor who is ready to instruct your young Witch Hunter and send them on a dangerous quest! This guide also includes advice for building and playing different types of Witch Hunters. Learn the secrets of the shadowy Masked Vigilante, the charismatic Faceless Saint and the magic crushing Spell Burner! 


In the Witch Hunter Job Guide you’ll find:

– New background and art detailing the role of Witch Hunters in Yeld, the history of the King’s People and the terror that is the true Witches!

– Learn about Yeld’s most celebrated and notorious Witch Hunters. The secretive Candle Masks, the dread Abolisher Knights, the Legendary Sun King and the Witch Hunter who became Yeld’s first Vampire Hunter!

– Advice for different Witch Hunter Job builds and tactics for fights, including the shadowy Masked Vigilante, the charismatic Faceless Saint and the magic crushing Spell Burner!

– Introducing the Crucible, a new kind of conflict that allows Witch Hunters to call a trial and deliver justice!

– A selection of new craftable Witch Hunter Masks, giving the Witch Hunter new tools for resisting magic and fighting against spell casters.

– Traps, a new type of weapon that allows Witch Hunters (and other Jobs and Monsters) to control the fight by placing a variety of clever and deadly Traps on the Action Board! 

– New Job Specific Special dice that give Witch Hunters new options!

– New Exotic Treasure to collect, including new Masks, Clubs, Daggers and Whips!

– A Witch Hunter Mastery Quest, complete with powerful new rewards!

– New art by Modest Medusa creator Jake Richmond