The FREE Yeld Digital Asset Pack

This month we’re happy to present a new free pack of digital assets to help you play Yeld online! Last year as one of our stretch goals for our Mermaid Hunters Kickstarter we promised to create a pack of useful digital content to help you play Yeld online on platforms like Roll20 and Discord. It took awhile to get it all together, but here it is. Our Digital Asset Pack is an enormous zip fill containing tons of stuff, all for free! You can download it right here, or from the downloads page of our site! The Yeld Digital Asset Pack pack contains:

  • Tokens: Over 200 tokens representing Friends , Monsters and Companions.
  • Images: Over 600 images from the world of Yeld, including Heroes, Monsters, Mentors and Items of all kinds!
  • Accessories: 3 different Action Boards, a Map and a Calendar marked with all of Yeld’s Holidays!
  • Character Sheets: We’ve included our character sheets as both PDF and JPG files. You can also find the official Yeld character sheet on!
  • User Pics: A selection of over 50 images for play

We hope that you all get a lot of use out of this pack! We’ll be considering new content to add to this pack in the future.