Give your spellcasting a boost with the new Magical Index expansion!

Now available from the Yeld Store and DrivethruRPG!

Yeld’s magic is always changing! Since we launched our role playing game in late 2018 we’ve introduced new spells, new magic using Jobs, new magic items and lots of new rules. Enough new stuff that we thought it was time to clarify Yeld’s spell casting rules! Magical Index is a reference document including every spell we’ve ever published.

This book also includes revised and clarified rules surrounding spall casting. Magical Index is a living document, and we’ll update the information found here as we release new spells and new rules!

In the Magical Index you’ll find:

– A full list of every spell we’ve ever published, including over a dozen new spells! We’ve expanded the Red, Blue, Deep Mage, Mermaid, Math and Goat spell lists with powerful and fun new options! We’ve also introduced Grave Spells and included several hard to find spells that were previously published in obscure documents!

– We’ve divided magic into 7 distinct Types (Black, White, Blue, Red and Green, as well as Math and Goat) and several Subtypes (Wrath, Mermaid, Raw White and more)! You’ll find that most spell casting Jobs have access to more Subtypes of magic than ever before! Get ready for Blue spell casting Drudge Angels and Red magic using Deep Mages!

– New rules for buying spells, acquiring spells as Treasure and inscribing spells into your spell book!

– New and updated Special dice that provide protection against magic!

– New art!