Fly into battle with the new Witch Job Guide!

Now available from the Yeld Store and DrivethruRPG!

The Witch Job Guide  is a new expansion for The Magical Land of Yeld, with everything you’ll need to dig into Yeld’s most rebellious and independent Heroic Job. In this guide you’ll find the secret origin of Witches and their connection to the mysterious Serpent God and the Arsenal of Winter! Brought to the Magical Land against their will, young girls from our world have adopted the name and traditions of Witches and redefined the role of Hero in Yeld! The Witches of Yeld can never be caged, captured or controlled! They ride through the night skies of Yeld on magical flying brooms, and rain wild curses on any Monster that crosses their path!

We’ve collected all the Witch specific content from the Yeld rulebook and reprinted it here, along with a selection of new Job Abilities, new Special Dice and new Treasures for you to collect! You’ll also find a brand new Mentor who is ready to teach your young Witch a trick or two before sending them on a personal quest! This guide also includes advice for building and playing different types of  Witches. Learn the secrets of the daring Broom Jockey, the fate-predicting Fortune Teller to the potion crafting Alchemist! 


In the Witch Job Guide you’ll find:

– New background detailing the role of Witches in Yeld as rebellions outcasts, determined to make their own rules and their own home in the Magical Land! Discover the Serpent God’s plans for Witches, and learn how Prince Dragul himself is responsible for the creation of Yeld’s most rebellious Heroic Job!

– Meet the Witch Covens of Yeld, and create your own Coven! Build Monster Witches with a new Witch Coven Monster Title!

– Advice for different Witch Job builds and tactics for fights, including the daring Broom Jockey, the fate divining Fortune Teller and the potion crafting Alchemist!

– Introducing Charms, a powerful new Job Ability allowing Witches to grant benefits to their Friends that can grow in power the longer they fight! 

– New Job Specific Special dice that give Witches versatile new options!

– New Exotic Treasure to collect, including 5 new Brooms!

– Meet Gretchen the Crowgirl, a new Heroic Mentor ready to offer you a quest to collect the greatest Witch treasure of all, the enormous sentient and customizable Witch House!

– A new selection of over 20 Witch Potions, available by Season!

– A Witch Mastery Quest, complete with powerful new rewards!

– New art by Modest Medusa creator Jake Richmond