So much new Yeld stuff!

2021 has been a busy year for us, and its only the beginning of Fall!

This year we’ve released so much new Yeld content.

– In February we launched the Mermaid Hunters Kickstarter, which has allowed us to produce the a new boxed starter set that is available right now from the Yeld Store!

– March saw the release of the Soul Thief Job Guide, detailing Yeld’s deadliest Heroic Job.

– All through the year we’ve released new monthly content on the Yeld Patreon. In June we celebrated Pride month with a free release called The Serpent Parade!

– We also released the first episode of our semi-regular Yeldcast, where Nick and I answered questions, showed off art and talked about our plans for Yeld!

– In August we released our first Advanced Job Guide, focusing on the Sword Master! We also released the 2021 Summer Collection, collecting odds and ends content that we created throughout the year. We plan to make the Summer Collection an annual event! Both of these books re available from DrivethruRPG right now and will be for sale as book and PDFs on the Yeld Store later this month!

– Later this month we’ll release the Witch Job Guide, witch (ha) will transform the Yeld’s wildest Job into something even more exciting! In October we’ll be releasing two new expansions, the Rank 1 Adventure Set and A Certain Magical Index. The Rank 1 Adventure Set is a guide and mini-campaign for Rank 1 adventures, and is the perfect follow up for the Mermaid Hunters starter set. A Certain Magical Index collects every spell we’ve released so far (and a few new ones too), and includes updated rules for collecting and transcribing spells!

We have a lot more cool Yeld stuff planned for the next year! Check back here for new regular updates, or visit us on twitter, facebook or discord!