Learn the art of the Sword with the new Sword Master Advanced Job Guide!

Prepare to walk the path of the sword with Yeld’s first Advanced Job guide! Now on sale!

The Sword Master Advanced Job Guide  is a new expansion for The Magical Land of Yeld, with everything you’ll need to become a master of swordplay! In this guide you’ll discover teh secrets of Yeld’s traditional sword styles, meet new mentors eager to take you on as a student and challenge the ghost of Yelds greatest swordsman for the right to call yourself a Sword Master! This Guide includes contains everything you’ll need to become a Sword Master, including new Special dice, new Mentors, a Job Quest and new items for you to collect! This guide also includes advice for building and playing a Sword Master!

In the Sword Master Advanced Job Guide you’ll find:

– Two new Advanced Jobs, the Sword Novice and the Sword Master!

– A quest to seek out ancient legendary swords and confront the ghost of Yeld’s greatest Sword Master!

– New background information about Sword Masters, traditional sword styles and the role of sword using heroes in Yeld culture.

– Advice for different Sword Master Job builds and tactics for fights!

– 5 new job Specific Special dice, and 9 new Sword Styles!

– New exotic Swords to discover or buy, including a new Mastery Quest reward!

– 5 new Mentors, complete with their own quests and rewards!

– New art by Modest Medusa creator Jake Richmond!