Download our Pride month expansion “The Serpent’s Parade” for free!

For Pride month 2021 we decided to create a special Yeld mini-expansion celebrating LGBTQ+ characters in Yeld.

The Serpent’s Parade! A new 10 page PDF that you can download for free! Get it here!

Learn about one of Yeld’s most beloved traditions and join in on the season long celebrations as you venture across the magical land! Make new Friends, confess your love, and speak your truths to the great Serpent God! 

This mini-expansion includes:
– A brand new holiday for the Friends to participate in!
– New lore exploring Yeld’s LGBTQ+ communities!
– New art by jake!

While we’re at it, meet (just some) of the LGBTQ+ cast of The Magical Land of Yeld!