Download our Wheelchair expansion “Magical Mobility” for free!

In the land of Yeld everyone can be a hero, and some heroes use a mobility device!

Magical Mobility is a new 9 page PDF that anyone can download. Here’s the link!

This content pack includes:

– Rules and guidelines for using wheelchairs in your Yeld adventures.

– 6 new Exotic Wheelchairs to use and collect, including the awesome Goblin Mobility Harness and the spooky Haunted Throne!

– A new ┬áHeroic Mentor: Ash Hambo, Mermaid wheelchair crafter!

– The history of wheelchairs in the magical land of Yeld.

– New art!

Magical Mobility requires a copy of The Magical Land of Yeld rpg or the Mermaid Hunters starter set to use. Find both at the Yeld Store or on DrivethruRPG!