The new Shepherd Job Guide!

This month we’re excited to offer our second Yeld Job Guide!

The Shepherd Job Guide  includes everything you’ll need to dig into Yeld’s oldest and most loved Heroic Job. In this guide you’ll find the history of shepherds and the roads they built, going back to the days of the ancient Fairy tribes.

We’ve collected all the Shepherd specific content from the Yeld rule book and reprinted it here, along with a brand new Job Ability: Road Hymns!. We’ve also included a selection of new Special dice for both the Shepherd and Their Flock and new items for you to collect! You’ll also find a brand new Mentor who is ready to send a young Shepherd on a quest t unite all of Yeld.

This guide also includes advice for building and playing different types of  Shepherds. Learn the secrets of the spell casting Road Scholar, the deadly Highway Robber and the community minded Town Crier! 

In the Shepherd Job Guide you’ll find:

– New background information about Shepherds, and the role of these nomadic heroes in Yeld culture.

– Advice for different Shepherd Job builds and tactics for fights!

– A powerful new Shepherd Job Ability: Road Hymns!

– 5 New Job Specific Special dice for Shepherds and 3 new Special dice for Sheep!

– New exotic Shepherd treasure to discover or buy, including a new Mastery Quest reward!

– Grenaldo the Woolen King, a new Shepherd Mentor with his own quest and rewards!.

– New art by Modest Medusa creator Jake Richmond!

The Shepherd Job Guide is available as a PDF from The Yeld Store and DrivethruRPG. You can also get the Guide and other monthly Yeld content from the Yeld Patreon (which is absolutely the best deal). Print versions of the Shepherd Job Guide will be on sale next month.