New Patreon content: Yeld’s Royal Mail!

This month we’re excited to offer a new pack of Yeld content for Patreon backers! The Royal Mail is a new 11 page PDF! Join the Yeld Patreon starting at just $3/month to get monthly content like this!

For thousands of Years the Royal Mail has faithfully delivered packages and letters to every town, castle, hideout and burrow in Yeld. But thanks to Prince Dragul this venerable institution has been defunded and discredited, and now the Royal Mail is on its last legs. Will the Friends help the Postmaster save the Royal Mail?

The Royal Mail content pack includes:

– The history of one of Yeld’s most respected institutions, the Royal Mail!
– A new quest! Help the Postmaster by discovering Yeld’s lost Postal Stations. – New Loot, Legendary Stuff and spells! Deliver lost letters, learn Royal Mail magic and collect a full set of Postman’s gear!
– New art!
– Establish the Postman’s Holiday and unlock special bonuses every season!