The new Black Mage Guide!

Today’s announcement is our brand new Black Mage Job Guide expansion!

We’ve collected all the Black Mage specific content from the Yeld rule book and reprinted it in a single easy to access document, along with a selection of new Spells, new Special dice and new items for Black Mages and other magic users to collect! You’ll also find a brand new Mentor who is ready to teach your young Black Mage a trick or two before sending them on a personal quest!

This guide also includes advice for building and playing different types of Black Mages. Learn the secrets of the deadly Dagger Mage, the durable Tanky Mage to the studious Research Mage!

Three ways to get the Black Mage Guide! We’re offering three ways to get the Black Mage Guide (and all of our upcoming expansions):

– Buy the digital version for $5 today from the Yeld Store or DrivethruRPG.

– Support the new Yeld Patreon for $3 or more.

– Get the paperback version from the Yeld Store (when its released in about a month).