Introducing the Yeld Patreon!

Nick and Jake are super excited to announce the new Yeld Patreon! For those of you who don’t know, Patreon is a platform where creators can provide ongoing new content and fans can provide ongoing support. Starting this month Nick and Jake will be creating and posting monthly Yeld content for Patreon patrons!

How does it work? Patreon is like s subscription service. You choose a pledge level and pay that amount each month to receive monthly rewards. Nick and Jake will use this income to keep developing and releasing Yeld content for you to enjoy! Our basic pledge level is $3/month, although we’re offer 5 total pledge options! You can find them all here!

What kind of content will we be creating? We’ll be releasing new rules, art and background content every month. Some of this content will be available for sale separately as well, but most will be exclusive to Patreon! Here’s what you can look forward to with your basic $3/month pledge:

New Yeld content every month! We’ll be releasing a small amount of brand new Yeld content every month for patrons. The type of content will rotate every month, and will include new Monster Gangs, Holidays, Spell Books, Mentors, Item Sets and more! We’re designing this content to be easy to add to your games, so you have something fun and new to use each month

Monster of the Month! Every month our patrons can create and submit an original monster based around a theme we’ve provided. We’ll choose our favorite, give it an official profile and art, and post it for everyone to use!

New Yeld expansions! Every four months we’ll release a new expansion for Yeld, free to patrons. These expansions will be 20 to 30 pages, similar in size to last year’s Town’s & Territories. Our first expansion is The Black Mage Job Guide, and its available to $3/month patrons right now!

Other rewards! For patrons who would like to pledge a little more we’re offering additional rewards, including access to behind-the-scenes content (such as play test rules and new art), print copies of our expansions (mailed to your door) and the chance to play with Nick and Jake in a monthly Yeld game on Discord!

Why you should support Yeld on Patreon:
We have a whole world of content and ideas we’re eager to bring to our game. Your monthly support frees us to focus on producing this content. For $3 a month you’ll get fun brand new content, including all of our new expansions, and we’ll get the security of regular funding! We hope you think this is as good a deal as we do!

You can check out the Yeld Patreon here!