Lets talk about Mentors!

Yeld is a strange and mysterious place, and when the Friends first travel through the magical door from our world they won’t know anything about the magical land. As they explore they’ll meet people who can help guide them on their adventures and teach them to become heroes. These are Mentors!

Mentors are a new game feature introduced in our Mermaid Hunters starter set. After the Friends complete their first adventures they can each choose a Mentor. After the magical door closes and traps the Friends in Yeld the Mentor will be the person who gives the Friends their Heroic Job and explains to them that they need to face the Hunters of Yeld and gather their magical keys in order to return home. But the Mentors have other benefits too!

Each mentor is a person the Friends can trust and admire, and who they can go to over and over again for advice and training. When Friend chooses a Mentor they’ll gain several benefits.

  • By spending time and learning from their mentor the Friend will gain a specific Special die. They’ll be able to use this Special die as long as they have a relationship with their Mentor.
  • Friends can also spend Good! and Evil! dice with the Mentor to buy certain Special dice. If you have extra Good! or Evil! dice you don’t want this is a great way to trade them for something useful.
  • Finally, each Mentor offers a special quest for a unique piece of Rank 0 treasure. While this treasure may be low ranked, its designed to be useful throughout your adventures in Yeld, and you’ll want to hold
    on to it!

Mermaid Hunters introduces 4 Mentors, each with their own personality and benefits. You’ll see more Mentors in future Yeld products too!