New Paper Monsters! Pirates of Yeld!

Paper Monsters is a brand new series of printable 28/30mm scale paper monster miniatures to use with The Magical Land of Yeld RPG, or any fantasy game! This pack includes printable monster miniatures, bases and assembly instructions!

The full line of Paper Monsters is available for just $2.50 a set from the Yeld Store and DrivethruRPG!

This pack includes these 6 Monster Pirates!

This Paper Monster pack includes 6 Monster Pirates. Many monsters take to a life of piracy, and monstrous pirate crews are often made up of a mix of fearsome creatures. Use these monster pirates to represent pirates, sailors and marines!

Who are the Pirates of Yeld?

Yeld is a land surrounded by seas and divided by rivers and lakes. Its only natural that its monsters would fall into a life of piracy. Pi Rats were created just for such a job, and are only happy on the open sea. Mermaidsknow the oceans better than anyone, and aren’t afraid of what lies in the deep. Squidmen hate the land and the peopel who live there, and are happy to make their way by cheating and stealing. And then there are monsters like the infamous Captain Crust, born to the sea and feared by all who sail it!